Deus Ex Machina

I thought churches make you religious, but dang, only the Numeral System made me pray this fervently.

I was praying the whole time, “Let there be no quizzes.” Eventually, it became the mantra of the hour. Haha

I wasn’t actually sure if Life was telling me to give up or that i haven’t tried enough yet. Because, for all the good it did, we indeed had a QUIZ, and if that wasn’t enough we also had an ACTIVITY. Good thing, while taking the quiz, the angels sang their heralds and I actually understood the topic. Just on the verge of giving up. 😀 And I even had fun solving it the way i enjoy deciphering crypts and studying codes. Awesome!

So there you have it, now you understand the whole Deus Ex Machina title. 😉

See you!


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